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Related post: Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 22:09:29 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 7 - If it's WrittenReese and Me 7 - If it's Written January 14, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part of in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.This story is part of the Reese and Me series.EMAIL me if you preteen nymphyttes models have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 7 - If it's Written nude preteen nature I lay preteen gay videos silently on the couch in the darkness of my basement rec room. Though it was the middle of the afternoon, I'd shut the blinds tight. I wanted to be in the dark. It seemed to help my thought process. And I did have a lot to think about. I had to figure out exactly what had happened to me. I remembered the whole thing. But, I had no idea of my attackers' identities. After two days of being confined to my house, in crutches and bandages, I'd come up with three possibilities. First, that the entire thing had been just a random act of violence. This was extremely unlikely, and I knew it. So, lets move on. The second and most probable in my mind, was that Alexander had been responsible, perhaps hiring the three guys I'd encountered lesbian preteen torrent to teach free preteens sites me asian preteen panties a little lesson. He knew that he couldn't do it himself in his condition, so he got preteen picture sex someone else to do it for him. He was capable, and he had the motive. I had come up with a third possibility, though. It preteens young cute just seemed too coincidental that I happened to see Reese in the bathroom right before I was beaten. The sequence of events was incredible. Boom, I see Reese. He runs out, and before I know it, I'm preteen pics galery surrounded. I really didn't want to believe that Reese could be responsible, however. This was the guy I loved. I hoped that he still loved me, even after what I'd put him through. But, as I played the scene over and over in my mind, the evidence pointed more and more to him. It all had been eating away at me for hours. I decided that I had to something about it. In my almost crippled condition, I limped over to the phone, free peeing preteen picked it up and dialed Alexander. ukraine preteen nude I thought he might be home considering that it was Sunday afternoon. A surge of anger passed up through my spine as I waited for him to answer. I trudged back over board3 preteen galleries to the couch and sat down. I let out a sigh as I did so. There was so much pain. Those guys had really done a number on me. After three rings, Alexander answered the phone, "Hello?" I paced myself, still furious with him. "Alex," I began, my voice cracking, "It's me." "What do you want?" he demanded in an impatient tone. "Just some answers," I explained, trying to be as calm as possible. "What?" preteen fuck littleboy "Don't tell me that you don't know what I'm talking about," I said, sitting back into the couch. preteen photo cuties "I don't," Alexander insisted with the same tone. "Why'd you set me up for that beating?" I blurted out, unsure afterward if I should have been so direct. "What?!" cried Alexander. He sounded realistic enough, but I knew that he was a talented liar. "Alex, I know that it was you. And I'm going to the police." cute preteen asians "Oh yeah!" screamed Alexander suddenly, "What about me?!" hot preteen naked "What?!" I cried back at him. "You don't think what you did to me warrants an assualt charge?!" he asked, sounding more furious chinese preteen porn than I'd ever heard him. "You don't think that I could go to the police and get you charged?!" He had a point. I swore under my breath, and hung up the phone. Knowing now that I didn't have anything on him, I also realized that if I turned him into the police, I'd be screwing myself as well. I let out another sigh, unsure of what to preteen panties free do. There was still Reese. I could call him to ask if he knew photo amateur preteen anything about it. I knew that he must have known about the beating. The paramedics had dragged me out of the dance on a stretcher. Everyone had seen me. Including Reese, unless if he'd left the building right after I'd seen him in the bathroom. It occured to me that perhaps he wasn't aware of my beating. It had been bothering me that he hadn't called to see if I was alright. I imagined that even if I were in his place, I'd still call to see if I preteen panty picturers was alright after what happened. But perhaps the reason that he hadn't inquired on my condition was because he simply wasn't free rape preteen aware of it. That is, if he wasn't responsible for hiring those guys to beat me down. preteen with dildo I couldn't believe that my sweet Reese was responsible for this though. I just couldn't. A week or two earlier, preteen model ilegal we'd been proffessing our love for each other. Was it just some ***** version of love? The kind that ceases to exist after you seperate? No. I couldn't believe that either. In a surge of excitement, I perfect preteen grabbed the phone again. Nervously, preteen amaters I dialed Reese's number. I hadn't spoken a word to him in a while, so naturally, I was uneasy. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to sound. All I knew was that I needed for him to come over and talk to me face to face. I needed to look into his sweet brown eyes and talk to him about what was happening to me. My life was spiralling out of control and I desperately needed someone to confide in. Of course, the phone had been ringing off the hook with calls from Chase and Diane and a few other people, but I couldn't really confide in any of them. They didn't know what was going in my life. There were only two other cyber preteens people who really did. Reese and Alexander. And Alex was out. So that left Reese, provided that he would talk to me. non nude preteen I doubted it, but I hoped that he would. Someone picked up after two short rings, "Hello?" It was the voice of Reese's Mom. "Hi," I said in a shaky voice, "Is Reese there?" "Yes, hold on a minute," she replied, putting down the receiver of the phone to go get Reese. I waited about twenty seconds before Reese picked up. I imagined that he was in his room playing Sega Dreamcast, as usual. "Hello?" He sounded annoyed already, and he didn't even know that it was me yet. "Hi," I said to him, trying to sound calm. It didn't work out. "Jake?" Reese asked immediately. "Yes," I told him, "Reese, please don't hang up." "Why shouldn't I?" he asked, the anger in his voice a little too apparent. "Because I need you," I blurted out. "I need you to talk to me for a bit." I began to break down. I just loved this guy so much, and it was breaking my heart that he hated me now because of something that I'd done to him myself. I didn't want to cry anymore. I was tired of being a pussy, but I couldn't help it. youngest preteen paradise "I don't really see why I'd want to talk to you," Reese said with a tone full of hate. preteenagers nude "Please Reese!" I cried. "I don't have anyone else!" Reese just sighed. And after a long pause, he preteen pics galeries abruptly hung up the phone. The tears came in galleries preteen nymphets full force. dvd preteen nude I dropped the cordless phone to the floor and layed back on the couch. I was crying out loud by the time I heard someone coming in the front door. Frantically, I got myself up and made my way to the door out of the rec room. From there, preteen free pix I could see up the stairs and into the foyer. I hoped that it was candid nude preteens Reese, but it really could have been anyone. I feared that it might be my attackers, coming to finish the job that they'd began at the dance. It was like heaven unfolding itself to me when I saw Reese taking off bald preteens his shoes and heading toward the stairs. He saw me watching preteen sexstories him immediately, and hesitated before starting down the staircase. He was furious, I could see it in his eyes. It was almost like the preteen kiddies porn look he'd had when I'd seen him at the dance. When Reese got to the bottom of the stairs and had a look at me, he froze in his steps. "What happened to you?!" he demanded, suddenly turning pale. There was still anger preteen laika in his tone, models ru preteen but now preteens tight bikinis there was also concern. "You didn't know?" I asked, calming myself down a little. Fortunately, the tears had stopped coming. "No," he cried, "Who beat you up?!" "I don't know . . . who they were." preteens porn sites I stammered, still recovering from my crying fit. "When did this happen?!" he demanded, reaching out with his right hand to touch my bruised face. He stopped himself huge breasted preteens before preteen clothes we could make contact, obviously remembering his anger. "It happened . . . in the bathroom at the dance." "In the bathroom?! That's where I saw you!" preteen forbidden listings "Yeah," I explained, "They came in right after you left." Now I was pretty sure that Reese hadn't been responsible for my beating. I may have been caught up in the moment with him, but I could tell when he lied to me. "What'd they cp preteens board do to you? Did you have to go to the hospital?!" He through out question after question. preteen illegal girls But I didn't mind. He was obviously concerned for me, preteen bath pics which meant at least that he didn't completely hate me. "I got two cracked . . . ribs. A concussion. They knocked me out pretty bad. I didn't wake up . . . 'till the next morning in the hospital." "Oh my god," escaped from Reese's mouth. He did still love me. It was more obvious now than ever. Even after what I'd done to him, he still loved me. "Reese," I said. "Yeah?" he asked, finally touching me. He tenderly put his hand on the side of my battered face. "I'm so sorry for everything that dolls preteens pictures I did preteens in topless to you." The tears came again, not surprisingly. "I didn't know what to do. Alexander was going to tell everyone about us. And . . . I went over there intending to . . . I don't know." Reese suddenly wasn't angry anymore. In the heat of the moment, he bent in and kissed me. It was a peck, but a long one. When Reese pulled back after a few seconds, he kept his eyes closed. He opened them a minute later and stared into my eyes. I was stunned. I'd been expecting him to come over and give me shit. That was what I deserved, but he didn't seem to be much in the mood to give me shit ukranian model preteen anymore. "Let me help you preteen dolls models back to the couch or preteen nyde somethin'." Reese positioned himself beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. Together, we made our way preteen escort goth into the dark rec room. Reese flicked on the light switch with his free hand before we dropped down photo nudist preteen onto the couch. For a long couple of minutes, neither of preteen modeling site us attempted to say anything. We just sat there, pics preteen child hip-to-hip, both probably wondering where to start. Suddenly, Reese made a whimpering sound. I turned to him in astonishment. This was the second time I'd got him crying! I couldn't believe it. But it made me feel even worse. My sweet Reese, usually so carefree and happy, was just as much a mess as I was, and it was all my fault. I put my arm around him. He settled in close, remaining silent. As he continued to cry, I considered suicide. I couldn't take preteens nude blog it anymore. I was hurting the last person that sweden preteen girls I wanted to hurt. "Reese," I said, the tears still streaming down my own face. "Don't . . ." In response, Reese layed russian preteens gay his head down into my lap. He calmed himself enough to talk. "Jake," he began, "What was going through your head?" "What?" I asked, looking down into his eyes, "When?" I was trying to act as though I didn't know what he was talking about. naturists asian preteens I guess I wanted to avoid the subject. "When you were with Alex," Reese explained, preteens sex ass rubbing the back of his head into my rising crotch. I considered my response for a couple of seconds. "I was trying to think about you." "Did it work?" Reese stammered, trying to talk through his tears. "No," I answered, bending down so that we could share another kiss. This time, I opened my mouth. Reese, in accordance, did the same. We frenched for about five minutes straight, without coming up for air. We were loving it so much that by the time I pulled up, neither of us were crying anymore. preteen boy sexy I continued to look down into eyes. He stared back up at me, and nothing more was said. I think little preteen fucking that we didn't need to say anything else. I knew that he still preteen mpeg legal loved me, and he knew that I was truly sorry for what I'd done to him and that I definitely would never do it again. As well, I think that we both realized that life in general hadn't been that much fun since we'd split up. We needed each other. I smiled and touched the side of his face with asian illegal preteen my hand. I got him to smile back at me before he lifted his head up off of my crotch and kissed me. It was a brief kiss, because he immediately got up off the couch and stood in front of me. Suddenly, without ever breaking eye-contact with me, he tore off his T-shirt. My hands instantly found their way to the front of his pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped him. His seven incher sprang out, still covered by his preteen masturbation porn plaid boxers. Immediately, as I began stroking his rock-hard cock, nude petite preteens Reese straddled me. preteens kid fucking It hurt at first due to my injured body, however, it was worth it and I knew it. I would have endured hell for Reese. Brushing a strand of hair from his face, Reese came in close again and we embraced each other again. My hands were running all over his tanned chest. As we continued to best preteen blogs kiss, he pulled my red sweater over my head and threw it across the room. We flashed each other smiles again and then locked preteen brazil bbs back into preteens sex hard our kiss. It was the most passionate kiss imaginable. We moved from side to side. We tilted our heads at all angles, and kept our tongues moving at a hundred miles per hour. Reese, after a good two minutes, began to pull away. I pulled him back in to suck on his tongue for another quick second. Afterwhich, Reese made his way down my chest and stomach. He licked and kissed my nipples and ran his tongue down along my abs. I suddenly noticed that my crutches were still right at my sides on the couch. I took them and tossed them away. I'd barely done so before Reese had my pants at knee length. He pulled them all the way off and came back up to face me. We kissed again. It was so good. preteen nn video This was love making. We were truly making love. There was no thought involved in what we were doing. preteens posted We were just following our emotions. And they were guiding us through preteen indian free the process of making love to each other. Reese eventually drew away again and moved back down to my awaiting genitals. Eagerly, my man pulled away my silk boxers, revealing every inch of my hard-as-hell cock. He immediately took it into his mouth. My body spasmed with pleasure. It wasn't so much the fact that it felt good physically (it did!) But, it was the fact that it was Reese. I'd been so sure that he'd never willingly talk vicky preteen pussy to me again, and here we were, back to our usual business. This time it was better, though. candid pantyhose preteen It was like rediscovering each other. If I had to compare it to any other time, it would be our very first time. naturist young preteen There was something else present between us now. An energy drawing us to each other like we'd never been before. I didn't know what it was, but I liked it. Reese bobbed his head up and down on my dick. I sat back and closed my eyes, running my fingers through his gelled hair. It wouldn't be long before I'd worked preteens japanese nude it all out. preteenage hairy girls Reese went faster and faster as the seconds passed. My breathing preteen indian girls rate increased as I squeezed his head tight. I was close to orgasm, and I didn't want to waste it. As Reese continued to suck, my cock swelled. Instinctively, he stopped, fuck preteen models free preteensex videos pulling away. I turned back to him, opening my eyes. He was so beautiful. He stood up in front of me again. His cock was at attention, pointing straight up. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to have him, all of him. Grabbing for his cock with one hand, I tore away his boxers with the other. sexy preteen files His awesome uncut penis sprang out. I pulled him toward me, sitting up nud preteenz on the couch so that I could reach. Reese solved that problem for me. He got back up onto the couch, pushing me back so preteen horny pictures that I was sitting back into the couch again. Then he nudeist preteen pageant got on his knees on the couch in front of me. He'd positioned himself so that his dick was right in my face. I looked up at him and smiled. He was already wearing a huge grin. So, I didn't waste any time, I grasped his tight ass cheeks with both hands and slipped his cock into my eager mouth. It tasted so sweet. Like me, Reese showered all the time. So, he was always right preteens pussies fucked clean, which was awesome because when we had sex, he smelled of soap and shampoo, and of course, cologne. He was just the best. I couldn't ask for more. And now I had him back, and it felt so good. preteen naked picture I sucked my man Reese so good that he was pumping my face by the time I let him cum. It came in three massive shots. They were like projectiles striking the back of my throat. Reese cried out with each one, holding the back of my head tight. As soon as that was finished with, Reese blue preteen dropped down into my lap, straddling me again. For a long minute, he held the sides of pregnant horny preteens my face, and we just looked into each other's eyes. We shared another kiss, Reese's young preteen nudist hands finding their way back down to my cock. He stroked me as we frenched. Then suddenly, he jumped up again. He wasn't up gay preteen manga for long, because he turned around and sat back down on me. I knew exactly what her preteen panties he wanted to do. Reese lifted his ass up and lowered it right down onto my tool. I held it in place as it slid up his tight ass. It always hurt at first, but as soon as he started going up and down, it was the best sensation ever. Reese did just that, pumping his ass up and down on my dick. It didn't take long before I was grasping his sweaty body and thrusting myself up into him. We humped together, breathing harder and harder. My body pulsed pic spanking preteens with energy. And even though I was in a delicate state, I got right into it. I held onto him by his muscular little chest and pulled him down hard. He'd lift himself up again, and I'd drive my rod deep into him. And so on, and so on. Minutes passed, and we continued to fuck harder and harder until preteen fuck old we were both screaming with pleasure. It was so preteen sex sites preteen tite pussy great. I felt better than I'd ever felt. And I just kept fucking him and fucking him, holding in my load time after time. Reese gave a good scream as I yanked him down harder than before. And then again. And then I drove my cock deeper into his ass. He cried out again, and I screamed with him. Then, we roared together as I fired shot after shot of my cum into him. I shook all over as Reese gave one final pump downward. When he got up off me, preteen nymphet model and I pulled my softening dick out of him, Reese looked different. He was sad again. I could tell as he layed back down with me on the couch. I cuddled him in my arms, and we kissed gently. We wrapped oursleves up in a blanket, eventually getting free preteen anime our shorts back on. And we layed there in the rec room all day long. We fell asleep in each other's arms, as we used to. And I held my sweet Reese all night long. I wasn't quite sure exactly what the next day free preteen photos would hold. Although I knew one thing for sure, Reese and I were back together. And nothing could change that . . . Keep the comments coming, at
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